Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacationing on Sanibel Island 2011

We had a wonderful time on Sanibel Island and found it hard to say goodbye. Julia and Evan had a great time finding all kinds of shells along the beach. Julia enjoyed making sand castles. Our family got to go kayaking for the first time and found it to be very enjoyable. John paddled Julia around and I was with Evan. We did get to see Mannatees coming up to our kayaks and dolphins and fish flopping around. It was funny watching these large fish jumping out of the water almost hitting John in the head. It was so relaxing just getting away. John and Evan got to go fishing with another group and Evan did catch a small fish but did not get to spend all that much time out on the boat. The beaches were so nice with very white sand. There were so many biking trails to explore with free bikes to use from our resort. We did get to celebrate Julias birthday out at a restaurant and she felt like queen for the day. I think she is convinced that her birthday is every day this week since we have not gotten together with family to celebrate as of yet.

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