Saturday, April 23, 2011

Julia Needs Glasses

Thursday I took Julia to Childrens Hospital to see an opthomologist. She had failed a vision screening at daycare and the teachers were noticing that her L eye seems to wander when she looks at you. I started noticing it as well after they pointed it out. We found out that she had very poor vision in her L eye and is very nearsighted and her R eye is starting to show some nearsightedness. The opthomologist said that she would need glasses to try and strengthen the eye muscle and if she did not wear them then I would need to patch her R eye to strengthen the L at least 2 hrs a day. We are supposed to return in 6 weeks and if no improvement then she will need surgery. They dialated her eyes with drops and told me that it would take a week before her pupils would return to normal since it is harder to dialate Asian childrens eyes...which I found interesting. She did not complain during the visit at all and told the Opthomologist that she wanted Star Wars glasses..which surprised me.
We ended up going eyeglass shopping at the mall that afternoon and went to 4 different places. I did not bring the stroller so it was a regular glasses free for all. We had fun trying on different styles. The black pair that Julia helped herself to which I will post a picture of are too wide and thick for her but she liked them. I like her in wire rims...I have a feeling I will need the 2 pair deal at Stein Optical for 99.00 in order to have back up.

Baking for Easter

Every year around this time my mother makes a Polish yeast cake called a Babka. It has raisens and rum sauce and streusal and a glaze and is a good treat with coffee. The year that I tried to make the family recipe mine turned out undercooked and my sister attempted and hers was too dry. Last week Wed we decided to camp out at my moms and learn every step. It always is a full day project since you need to let the yeast rise.
Julia came in to observe a few times but my step father kept her entertained.
I have a picture of the finished product and hope it tastes as good as it looks

Thursday Julia and I made bunny cookies with a cinnamon nutmeg spice recipe and then we melted white chocolate and tinted it pastel colors for the icing. My house was smelling good.