Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Picking

Today we were off to one of the local farms to pick some apples. I had heard that the weather was going to get cooler this week and we were going to have rain so we decided to venture out today. It was Julias first time picking and she had so much fun running around picking from the lower branches. I usually peel and slice up her apples but today she took the entire apple and started eating! We ended up with a lot of apples... I will need to come up with some low fat apple recipes before these all go bad. I know I can make some sauce and freeze it. If anyone has any good recipes let me know.

Happy Birthday Mom! September 26th

Yesterday was my mothers birthday and we got home too late to post! My sister decided to have us all over for dinner. She wanted all of us to bring something to contribute and wanted to make an authentic Polish dinner since my mother is Polish. She assigned me the Bahbka to make....which is a Polish yeast cake that takes about a day to make.....eeek! I got the recipe out from my mother and started making it on Wed morning and ended up finishing that afternoon. It was a lot of waiting around for the yeast to rise....I pulled it off, but I found out that I could have baked it a little mom said I learned for next time and I don't think there will be a next time :0) We all had a nice dinner and visit! Julia and her cousin Ryan had a great time playing the piano and helping grandma open up presents. I was so glad that my mom had such a great time! She kept telling us that it did not get any better than this with her entire family around her! Happy Birthday Mom....thank you for being the BEST MOM EVER!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some Pictures from Around the House

I am finally posting some pics from Thursday when I was unable to get into my blog to post due to technical difficulties. Julia and I were having fun in the yard and she was watching Elmo with her baby while I was making lunch for us. She is so captivated by Elmo. I have been learning several things about Julia every day. I know she is afraid of lawnmowers and cars driving by. She takes a few steps back into the garage and looks out as to what is making the noise when someone starts up the mower or drives by the house. She loves to run through the grass while I chase her and screams with a high pitch scream when she is excited. She could live on the swing set wanting me to push her higher and higher. She loves climbing and thinks she can climb the ladder really quickly to get up to the slide but does not realize that there are times she can miss a step....she is fearless. She loves chasing after bubbles trying to grab them all. She is fascinated by bikes and dogs. Our neighbor was walking by with her 4 month old son and her dog and Julia goes running after them screaming dog dog dog! She chases any dog that comes by our house!!!lol It is so much fun watching her grow from day to day. She loves all the Childrens songs and puts her fingers together and tells me Issy Bissy mama which is her way of telling me Itsy Bitsy Spider! I love how she makes a diamond with her fingers when we sing Twinkle Twinkle or how she shows me that the babies on the bus go Wah Wah Wah in The Wheels on the Bus! She is so full of energy and love! I am enclosing a few random pics from around the house

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Saturday Away

Yesterday John's parents came over to spend time with Evan and Julia while John and I got to sneak away for the day to Madison. It was a real treat to be able to get away just the two of us! It was beautiful weather and we ended up visiting UW Madison and taking a trip down memory lane since I went to school there. We walked up and down State Street noting how many restaurants there are! We ended up having a couple of beers down by the lake at the Union watching the sailing club and crew club practicing and also the frat boys and sorority girls diving off the pier. I was kind of nervous leaving Julia for the entire day since I have not done that before except for daycare! My inlaws and Evan did a great job and gave us a wonderful much needed time away! I wish I would have brought my camera but did not have it with me at all!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Julia enjoying the childrens area!
Evan trying to win the race!

Always has to wear Mama's shoes!

Before the wave hits!

Julia on the bungee swings

Whew, I finally get to post our wonderful weekend to Wisconsin Dells.....greatest waterparks ever!! We headed out to The Dells on Saturday morning and stayed at a condo in The Wilderness. My sister in law Lisa and her friend Martha invited us to join their familes and friends for a fun weekend. The condos were really nice and were adjoining with full kitchens and family rooms. We went on so many water slides and body slides and relaxed on the lazy river with Julia. There was a really great ride called The Black Hole where you sit in a single tube and it shoots you through a tube with colored strobe lights and you end up in a huge reservoir where you spin and spin until you fall through a hole to the end where you get a huge facewash. The weather was perfect, in the 80's and sunny the entire weekend. Julia loved playing in the childrens area on the water slide there and running through the fountains. She also liked the bungee swings in the water. Monday we got to go to Mount Olympus water park after we checked out of The Wilderness and spent the rest of the day on the Go Karts and in the Wave Pool. Got a little burn on my shoulders and back but felt great being out in the warm sun! We ended up coming home at 815PM on Monday and then quick get ready for school and work the next day! Back to Reality!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Probate Court

Well......this was not a place I ever expected to go!! Today John and I took some time off of work to go with Julia to Probate Court to finalize the adoption and get her Birth Certificate. It was kind of strange swearing in and answering all of the sometimes humerous questions that the judge asked of us! We did manage to get a couple of pictures. I of course was in my scrubs ready to go back to work afterwards:( We did celebrate by going out for coffee afterwards then straight to work!! On the drive back Julia started actually singing her version of ABC's and you could actually make out some of the words....which was so cute to listen to. The rest was either some mumbling or else lalalalalalalalalala.....
Evan's first day of school was yesterday.....I still can not believe that we have a 6th grader!! The 6th grade classed change classrooms for each subject to prep them for High School which I think is a great idea! Evan joined Volleyball this year and loves to play. The nice thing is having practices right after school.