Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Julia! July 26th 2009

Where has the time gone! Julia finally turned 2 yesterday! I was up trying to post a video on our computer but had to abandon things due to too late and it was not working! We had a really nice party with just the 4 of us! Julia loved her new baby stroller and was pushing it everywhere! She had a little tea party with her babies and her new tea set! She actually kept her bow in her hair most of the time....she figured out that it was there in the restaurant and wanted dada to wear it....eeek!!!
I wanted to add the video clips of us singing Happy Birthday but for some reason when I try to download it says that blogger can not accept! I guess I could use some computer help....Donna would you be able to help?

Evan was kind enough to suggest sharing his birthday celebration with Julia for this weekend when the whole family can join us. I am making an Elmo layer cake for Julia and an electric guitar cake for Evan...I am still looking for black licorice strings for the guitar strings. Evan will be 11 on Aug 7th so we figured it would be easier to get everyone together one time since everyones schedules are so busy!
Kathie and Sierra thank you for the nice birthday wish! Sierra I love to hear you say Happy Birthday Julia!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Continuation of Duluth Trip

I have a few more pictures to post. Here are some pictures of Downtown Duluth. I also got a few pictures of Evan and Julia in this incredible park that had thousands of different roses and fountains and gazebos and it all overlooked Lake Superior.

If anyone can tell me how to rotate the pics in my previous post...I would be forever grateful!

Visiting Grandma

We had a wonderful trip upnorth to see my grandmother. We left last Thursday and returned on Monday afternoon. My grandmother lives in an assisted living and had a stroke before we left for China in January. She lost a lot of movement in her left side which was difficult for her since she was very independent. We were so anxious for Julia to meet her great grandmother for the very first time. We stayed at a hotel that had a waterpark in it so that was fun for Evan and Julia. They also had a Bonfire every night with Smores and two of the nights they showed a movie off of the hotel outside so that everyone around the pool could enjoy it.

Grandma looked good and enjoyed our company. We had dinner with her at the assisted living on Friday night and met a few of her friends. My brother did drive upnorth on Saturday with his wife and son and my mother. It was nice getting together with everyone.

John initiated Julia to the waterpark even though the main word was "No" she managed to give everything a try! She loved it when the big bucket of water would drop a huge load of water on her! She liked the childrens slides. Tiki Tom (The Hotel Mascot) did show up for one of the Bonfires and insisted on pushing Julia on the swing....she Loved It!!

The drive was 8 hrs one way with a couple of stops. It was not as bad as we thought it would be....there was a little fussing but made it there and back in one piece!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zoo Day

Today it was fairly cool so too cold to go to the pool. HMMM what to do with an eleven yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl. Well we finally decided on a day at The Zoo. I finally purchased a Zoo Pass Membership so we can go all summer long when we are undecided....and we won't feel guilty about leaving early and coming back. They have a new exhibit where you get to go into the aviary,most of which are parakeets and cockatiels and some small parrots. They give you a stick with millet on it and they come down and feed on your stick. The elephants were in rare form performing tricks and Julia and Evan loved feeding the goats!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Julia and Evan waiting for the parade to begin
Julia with Grandma and cousin Ryan

Evan and Julia with cousins Christopher, Joseph, John and Ryan
Hard to get everyone to pose!

Julia with her glow necklace waiting for the fireworks to start

My festive dessert!

Hope everyone had a terrific Fourth of July weekend. I was so happy to have Friday off and prepare for our annual barbecue! We mainly have family over and it looked as if it was going to rain /was overcast most of the day. Was in the 70's and was comfortable. Did not get Julia in her pool until today due to the weather being kind of chilly and the water needing to warm up.Julia was not as crazy about her pool as she was riding on our backyard swing...she is a swingin gal!
We were worried if Julia was going to be afraid of the fireworks but she loved them and kept clapping and signing ...More More! She picked up some sign language apparently in the orphanage. We went to the fireworks twice...first on the 3rd after the parade and then again on the 4th after our family party! The displays were both incredible as always! My husband Loves the can not keep him from going to the fireworks stands!!