Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Da Da Day June 21st,2009

Da Da...I just have to help unwrapping

Happy Father's Day to all Dads!! Today was a very busy day at our house. We went out to breakfast to celebrate Father's Day as well as my birthday and my sisterlaw and her husbands anniversary ! Many celebrations combined into one! After breakfast went to my mom and step fathers home to have a quick visit and then into the car to drive Evan to camp for the week! It is Evans first time at camp and he was so excited! Julia loved walking the camp grounds and investigating everything. She got so excited and started running around in her white sandals with her new outfit ....... she ended up running into a huge mud puddle which I just caught her sliding much for the white sandals!! I am going to miss Evan this week since he has been my helper with Julia in the morning before work! He helps me get out the door in time. I am sure that he will have a great time at camp with all of the activities that they have to offer.
We ended the day by scooping Julia out of her car seat and into the stroller for a continuation of her nap and our 4 mile walk. During out walk we picked up some takeout Chinese and had a nice quiet dinner at home.
John is a wonderful husband and terrific father to Evan and Julia...we want to thank him for everything! Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Haircut Day! June 6th 2009

Wow I have not been blogging for awhile. There has been so many illnesses around our house that I am looking forward to opening up the windows and shooing the flu!! Julia had an ear infection that was discovered at a well check which did not respond to the 10 day course of antibiotics and so she still has the infection combined with bronchitis. I think she picks up so many things at the daycare and passes them on to her mother!! If anyone has any suggestions as to how to stay well when you are in daycare...I am all ears!!! On a brighter note....she is on her second course and is starting to appear a little bit better!!

Today Evan had a game this morning and won.....10 to 3. Did not get to go to this one due to tooo cold for mom and little sister! I did hear that he did steal home....he has the uniform to prove A couple of weeks ago he started pitching and did a very good job at his first time out....I think the parents are more nervous watching!

After baseball Evan and I decided to take Julia for her first haircut...she was looking kind of shaggy. I am trying to grow her hair out in the back but needed a clean up. We go to a kids salon that does a tremendous job. Julia was not too fond of getting her haircut but was mesmerized when they started blowing bubbles at her. She picked the pink sports car to sit in.

They did put a hair clip in....without her knowing....hope she will keep it in for the day.

John's brother Jim is in town from New York so we are meeting up with him tonight at Johns parents for dinner. Jim brought Julia the cutest turtle...its back lights up with stars that project on the wall and it has pictures of various sea creatures that light up as well...Julia loves it!!

I have been enjoying all of my travel mates blogs.....I am hoping to plan a reunion at Disney world in a few years if anyone would be interested!