Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures Continued 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I think that this Christmas was so special for all of us since it was almost as if there was an awakening with Julia. Last year I remember reading the same Christmas stories to her and celebrating the same traditions but this year she was recognizing everything as if it was the first time she had ever seen it. Christmas is so magical through the eyes of small children! We went to Christmas mass on 4 PM Christmas eve. The church was so beautiful and when the Deacon told the Christmas story with Silent Night in the background and all of the children sitting aroung the alter you could have heard a pin drop with all eyes on him. Afterwards we had a small gathering at our house. Julia and Evan made the reindeer food and sprinkled it over the front yard so that the moon could shine on the glitter and show Santa the way. Julia was so excited about leaving the mild and cookies for Santa....or should I say Coffee and cookies this year:)
On Christmas morning everyone was so excited. Julia was happy to see that the scooter she asked for and Buzz Lightyear were under the tree. Evan showed some shock and awe at his new IPod Touch. After presents we went over to have buffet brunch with Johns parents at their assisted living dining room. Johns brother Jim made it into town from New York which was very special. Then off to my sisters for dinner and to see some more cousins and family.
I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas with family and friends

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread House 2010

I went into a local cake store planning on only purchasing icing for my gingerbread men. While I was there they were holding a class on decorating gingerbread houses. I thought that Julia would love decorating a house with me so of course had to pick up the other supplies. Julia loved decorating the house. She kept taking the candy out of the boxes and slipping a few pieces in her mouth trying to look casual. I knew I was in trouble as her cheeks got bigger. Here is our final result

Happy Birthday John December 13 2010

Happy Birthday John.....Hugs and Kisses...Love you!!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

I can not believe that I am catching up on pics and posts since Thanksgiving....eek! I had hostessed Thanksgiving for John's side of the family this year. This was the first year I had made a turkey which did not turn out to be all that difficult. While I was bathing the turkey Julia asked me where the eyes were and the warbly thing under the The hard part was getting everything out at the same time and keeping it warm,but with my mother in laws help we worked well as a team! John did not want me to take a picture of the turkey so I only have the table pictures. We could not fit everyone in the dining room so we ended up putting the younger adults and children in the kitchen at their own table.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Hallooween!!!

Hope everyone had a scarey fun Halloween! I had so much fun this year! Evan got invited to a 7th grade costume party where they went trick or treating and partying afterwards. He had a pretty interesting costume this year......frightening for Julia and a little for me as well. We had our neighbors over for a little early dinner and then trick or treating afterwards. I love the night trick or treating with all of the lit up Jack o Lanterns and scarey houses! I guess there is safety in numbers because Julia was not nearly as afraid with all of her friends. Julia went trick or treating with our neighbors Evan, Lauren and Ethan. It was so much fun watching the kids run up to the door and barely reach the doorbell and try and negotiate how they were going to ring it. Evan came home from the party with 8 pounds of candy and Julia had her fair share as well. Looks as if I may have to donate some candy to work! I have enclosed some trick or treat pictures and one of the pictures was John and Evan in their masks

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Picking

We had such incredible weather here this weekend. I think it even hit 80. We decided to go apple picking. We went to one of the local orchards planning on picking a bushel but when we got there we found pretty slim pickings. Apparently this is the end of the season.....I guess the season started earlier this year. We did pick a 1/2 bushel of gold delicious and the other apples we purchased in their local store. We did find 3 nice pumpkins...Julia had so much fun walking through the fields and discovering grasshoppers and all kinds of other creatures along the way.

Evan's Volleyball Tournament

Last weekend was Evan's volleyball tournament.One game on Friday night and 3 games Saturday and 1 game on Sunday. It was so much fun watching the boys play. Their coach really has a passion for volleyball and does an excellent job!! The boys took second in their division.

September 26th 2010

Today was my mothers birthday and she wanted us all over to celebrate at her house. I think she enjoys having all of her children and grandchildren around her! Happy Birthday Mom and Many Many more! We all love you so very much

Friday, September 24, 2010

3 Year Pictures

Thursday I decided to take Julia to her daycare, even though it was not her scheduled day for picture day. I have taken so many pictures of Julia but wanted to get more of a professional 3 year picture like I did for Evan when he was little. I dressed Julia up in a dress that I purchased for this next years Chinese New Year! I really can not believe how much she has grown. The outfits that I purchased in China seem so small and she really has not had much of a chance to wear them. Julia is really not a shy little girl but when all of her teachers were admiring her dress she was also took a lot for her to smile for the photographer but we managed a couple of smiles.
I also wanted to acknowledge the Asian Moon Celebration on Wednesday evening. The night sky was so cloudy that you could barely make out the moon. It was a warm breezy night and felt nice sitting out on the deck. I called around to see if any of the bakeries or stores carried Moon Pies but no luck! We ended up with Little Debbie cakes and Evan crossed out the Zebra cakes and put Moon Cakes on the box...Julia did not know the difference. I do need to try harder next year...maybe get a recipe for them.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Funny Car Ride

Let my preface this post by telling you that I took Julia for her 3 yr well exam yesterday which she passed with flying colors. Julia used to scream and carry on when the doctor wanted to do anything with her and this exam she was very confident and followed direction. The doctor would tell her to do something she would say "Sure". She needed the flu/H1N1 and the Pneumonia vaccine and she cryed after the shots but then was okay. Her doctor then said, "Julia you should not argue with your mommy when she says you should go to the pottie and Julias reply was OKAY.I took her to McDonalds afterwards so she could run off steam since the weather was not so great outside.
Today I had to go to the Mall to get some price adjustments on some items and Julia was in the back seat with her favorite mouse. She said that mouse was tired and needed to take a nap on her shoulder and then started singing Take me out to the ball game which is hysterical when she sings it. Then she said that mouse had a tummy ache and should try and go to the bathroom. She said that mouse still had a tummy ache so would have to take him to the doctor. I was to pretend I was the doctor. She then said, "Mouse has a tummy ache and will need some shots" "This is going to hurt mousie but then we can go to McDonalds and play and you will feel all better" "Doctor says that you should tell Evan Mommy or Daddy when you have to go Pottie and should not argue about it" "Mousie you are going to need some pull ups"
That was the Aha moment when I knew that she has been really taking in all of what was said and done.

Labor Day Weekend 2010

For Labor Day weekend we decided to pack the kids up and head to the Wisconsin Dells for a couple of nights. We tend to like to stay at The Wilderness, which is the largest water park resort in America and is sooooooo much fun! When we arrived the weather was chilly so we took full advantage of the indoor water parks. Julia was fearless on all of the slides. She was under 48 inches so she could not go on some of the bigger slides. We took her down on a huge family tube that did not have height restrictions and we ended up going down these dark tubes at a pretty good clip. You should have seen her face....wish I could have brought a camera on some of the slides. I thought for sure she would not want to go again but she kept saying more and again and pointing to even bigger slides. The second day was warmer so got to enjoy all of the pools and slides outdoors. Julia took her naps lying on my lap for an hour by the poolside and then she was ready to go. Evan wanted to stay another few days but had to get back to reality!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Wonderful Neighbors!

We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors all around us! Our next door neighbors recently moved out and a wonderful family moved in with a 3 year old boy Evan who Julia adores! Funny thing that her brothers name happens to be Evan so we call our neighbor little Evan and big brother Big Evan. Evan recently had his 4th birthday and it was such a fun party! The kids had a great time picnicing outside and squirt gun fights/water balloons. It was a picture perfect day! Here are a few pictures from the day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EAA Museum Visit

John, his mom and Evan all went to the EAA(Experimental Aircraft Association) in Oshkosh WI this past Tuesday. My mother in law recently moved and while cleaning out her condo she found her old stewardess uniform and hat from when she worked for Northwest Airlines. John decided to call the EAA and see if they would want a donation and they brought it out there. Evan had a great time seeing all of the various planes and Evan got the opportunity to ride in a two seater and fly it was definitely a thrill!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

State Fair 2010

We ended up going to The State Fair on Opening day this past Thursday! Got in for 2.00 per person with two canned items for the Hunger Task Force which I think is a great idea! We had out traditional cream puffs and headed toward the Midway to ride some rides! Opening day had ride tickets for 1.00 which we always take advantage of since Julia loves all of the Kiddie Rides. Evan out of the kindness of his big brother heart used to go on these rides with her and forfeit his tickets but this year she wanted to go all by herself! One of the carnees said she looks like Dora The Explorer as he put her on one the rides. Evan and John went on the roller coaster while Julia and I waved and took pictures! Did not eat any of the fried food on a stick this year. It seems like they love to fry just about anything they can get their hands on and put it on a stick. Julia also liked the animal barn and had fun petting the horses and talking with the goats and sheep!!!

Happy Birthday Evan and Julia

Some additional Pictures.