Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Julia trying to get comfortable with the Lion
Evan leading the Lion Dance

Julia wondering what she is all about

Chinese New Year Pictures

Happy Chinese New Year

Julia trying out chopsticks
Dance with fans

Evan and Julia making a Chinese Drum

Happy Chinese New Year...the year of the Tiger! We were so excited about being able to celebrate The New Year with the Families with Children from China. The celebration took place in our county at the Washington County Fair Grounds and was terrific! I could not decide what Julia should wear since most of the clothes that we purchased in China were actually a little small on her. I ended up with a dress that I recently purchased although now that I look at it it almost looks Evan and Julia has so much fun doing all of the crafts. They were making Chinese lanterns and drums and sun catchers and stamping up inserts for cups with all kinds of Chinese symbols. There were so many things to shop for. I did purchase a dress for next year for Julia and one of the Chinese Tiger Marionettes. Julia was actually afraid of the Chinese Tigers this year and cried during the parade but then was okay when John took her around to see them up close. I could not believe how many little girls were all there with their beautiful Chinese dresses. The Chinese Lion Show was outstanding!! Some of the men played the drums and the cymbals as the Tigers danced up and down the aisles. Evan got the opportunity to go into one of the heads and parade around as well! I think I have had my fill of Chinese food for the week! It all was so good. I have so many pictures! Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!