Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Pictures!!!

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we had trick or treat in our neighborhood. My husband seems to go wayyyy overboard with the decorations/which I love. We have a CD of terror music and a smoke machine and a goblin who is motion activated and swoops down with horrible screams. We used to have a remote control rat but too many of the small children were afraid of it.
This year Evan and John decided to go out looking for a mask for Evan to wear and they came home with a KISS mask and wig!!! Julia does not want anything to do with Evan when he puts that on! I was thinking that we could all go trick or treating together but Evan had to go on his own because Julia did not want him around her at all! I have to admit...he was pretty intimidating! Julia was a sunflower. Luckily I had a warm costume for her since it was about 35 degrees and windy! I borrowed a wagon from our neighbors so that we could cover a larger area in a shorter period of time. She at first did not know what she was supposed to do but after a few houses she started saying , "More Tucteact" She loves dogs and any of the houses that have dogs were a hit!!! There were a few houses where they would open up the door and she would push it open farther and stick her head inside and say "Dog???" One house was decorated with stuffed body parts coming out of the bushes and she kept staring at them as she walked by. I kept wondering what was going through her head! A couple of our neighbors had their dogs dressed in costume. One was a cow with a cowbell and udders and the other Jack Russel Terrier was a banana...they were do cute.
My brother and his wife came later with their son Ryan and we all had a pizza wine party!! Ryan dressed up as Woody from Toy Story! They sure did get a lot of candy.
I want to hear about everyones Halloween and look forward to looking at everyones blog!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out to Lunch

Today my friend Beverly called and we decided to take the girls out to lunch at Mc Donalds. Beverly has 2 girls who were adopted from Vietnam, Lana and Ginger. Ginger and Julia shared their baptism day at St Mary's. The McDonalds that we went to has a wonderful play area for toddlers which I do not worry about since there are not a lot of big slides or places to hide! It was a lot of fun talking with Beverly and seeing the girls again. I managed to get a picture of them on one of the Jeeps.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Julia's Surgery

Today Julia had her ear tubes placed since she has been experiencing too many ear infections this past summer that have been resistant to many different antibiotics. I was worried that they would cancel the surgery since Julia just started to have a runny nose and cough last night...doesn't that figure, is well until the night before surgery. It really is a very simple surgery but I have to say that it is never easy watching your child be carried away from you for surgery when they are young and do not understand!! Luckily the surgery was at 730AM and we had to be there at 600AM. Julia woke up and is so used to eating in her chair first thing after waking up and getting dressed. This morning she kept saying eat I was putting her jacket on and I kept telling her we will eat later! Her response was NO WAYYYY!! She had an anaesthesiologist who was Asian and was female which both were a plus!! The surgery lasted 15 minutes with about an hr recovery. I could hear her screaming,"MAMAMAMA" out of I knew she was okay.

It was a good thing she could bring her stuffed puppy in because Julia does not go anywhere without her puppy! She did get to pick from a bin of stuffed dolls and she chose a flower!! On our way home she threw up all of the apple juice that they gave her in recovery! We found out that she needs ear drops 4 drops twice daily to each ear and they are supposed to burn....I am not looking forward to that!!! She is down for a long nap now....I hope everyone is staying well during this crazy H1N1 time.... I am so glad things went well today!! I am enclosing a couple of pictures from when we got home. I did not think that it was a good idea to snap pictures when she was afraid at the surgical center!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

A Couple More Pics!

Pumpkin Carving

John was gone on business this past week and I am so thankful that he is home. I give a lot of credit to single moms!! It has been busy with volleyball practice, guitar lessons, conferences and work! I took off of work on Tues for Julias surgery. She is having ear tubes placed. I know that it is a quick surgery but I hate having her be put under without really knowing her medical history completely.

Today we carved our pumpkins. We were going to do it last weekend but we were afraid that if we carved them too early they may rot before Halloween. Julia rolled up her sleeves and was happy to pull out all of the guts and seeds from the pumpkins which surprised me!! We gave her markers so that she could color her own pumpkin. Our trick or treat is on Saturday night!! My brother and his wife and son will be coming over for a little Halloween party and trick or treat.

I am looking forward to seeing everyones costumes!!

Tonight we went to what is called The Feastable at our church. It is a buffet dinner with carved ham and turkey and different side dishes which really feels like Thanksgiving. We had a nice dinner and then ended up at the school Book Fair to purchase a few books for Evan and Julia. Julia was sooooo excited about the books! She LOVES BOOKS!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Me and My Brother

I had wanted to post a few more pictures from around the house. Now one of the pictures is kind of see when you have an older brother you end up with the most interesting toys! Julia loves the Nerf air gun that is Evans and likes picking up all of the foam bullets....whatever happened to the sweet baby dolls ( I think they are all napping)

I am also enclosing some pictures from a visit to my moms house one Fall afternoon.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Continuation of Pumpkin Farm

Here are a few more pictures of our day !

Pumpkin Patch

Today we took Julia out to Basse's Farm in Colgate WI to show her our yearly tradition. It was a sunny day but the wind was cool. We first got on the tractor hayride out to the fields to find that huge perfect pumkin. We have always walked wayyyy out to the outer parts of the fields to find larger pumpkins and the trick is carrying them back. I really do not know what Julia thought of the whole thing. She had this blank look on her face the entire trip out and back. I could say she was in awe but I have no idea. We did find some really nice pumpkins and Julia found a little one that she can decorate. John and Evan went into the corn maze which has a yearly theme and the aerial view this year was Mario from Mario Brothers. There are questions you have to answer about Mario and get them right to head in the right direction and get out of the maze....they made it! Julia and I took a ride around the pond on the train and tried the moonwalk although she was a little small for the moonwalk...she still had fun. Her favorite was the petting zoo with the Llamas and the slide. She loved the apple cider slushies!!! We ended the day by standing in line for the pumpkin launcher since Evan and John had to do this! For a dollar you can launch a small pumkin out of a cannon that is air compressed and gas generated and it has to land inside this large metal pumkins eyes nose or mouth!!! Julia jumped everytime the launcher went sounded like fireworks being set off. She must think she has a pretty crazy family!!! Those crazy Americans!!!lol I think we will carve them next weekend since they rot pretty quickly if we carve them too early.