Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is It Summer Yet?

We are all getting that cabin fever waiting for summer to arrive. I have been having so much fun listening to all of the new words that Julia has been coming up with! The other day she said to me, " Mommy, Daddy is a nice man...Evan is a nice man......Mommy is a nice Mommy and Jewwwya is a nice girl........we are all friends." She has so much fun building towers with her Daddy and listening to her brothers crazy music and dancing to the beat!! Her daycare teacher, Miss Jill, gave Julia pigtails the other day and when I came home from work she said, "Mommy, Miss Jill made me pretty"(My camera battery died so I wasn't able to get pics) She insisted on sleeping with them should have seen her hair the next morning...she is a restless sleeper. Everytime we are driving somewhere she usually will get upset when there is talking on the radio...she always looks at me and says Songs Mommy!! Evan will be a teenager in a couple of years ...yikes!! I keep thinking that I am shrinking because he keeps growing taller and taller! Baseball season is around the corner for him and it should be fun to watch some of the games.
There will be no pictures of Julia sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap this year....she likes him from a distance and will wave and blow kisses but when she is up close....there is a complete meltdown!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Julias playtime fun!

It has been so much fun watching as Julia grows up and learns about the world around her. I love watching her play with Playdough creating her own piece of artwork with a blob of dough and my kitchen utensils...she loves the drawer where I keep my utensils and investigates new ones each day! Another love of Julias is her dog Huey...he is 14 years old and pretty much goes with the flow except when Julia gets a little too affectionate. She watches me scold Huey and she now sticks her finger out at him and says No Huey...stop! I caught a picture of her sunbathing in the kitchen with Huey. Julia Loves doggies or puppies and kittys....I found a shirt with a cat face on it at a local store and she wants to wear it every day along with her black shoes with cat faces on them. She sits in the car with her cat shoes on and moves her feet up and down telling me, "Look mommy kittys are running" Evan loves racing up the stairs with her to encourage her to get ready for bed which requires a lot of coaxing! She discovered Evans MP3 player and loves to put it on and dance to the music...she can keep a good beat and she loves the music!