Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures Continued 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I think that this Christmas was so special for all of us since it was almost as if there was an awakening with Julia. Last year I remember reading the same Christmas stories to her and celebrating the same traditions but this year she was recognizing everything as if it was the first time she had ever seen it. Christmas is so magical through the eyes of small children! We went to Christmas mass on 4 PM Christmas eve. The church was so beautiful and when the Deacon told the Christmas story with Silent Night in the background and all of the children sitting aroung the alter you could have heard a pin drop with all eyes on him. Afterwards we had a small gathering at our house. Julia and Evan made the reindeer food and sprinkled it over the front yard so that the moon could shine on the glitter and show Santa the way. Julia was so excited about leaving the mild and cookies for Santa....or should I say Coffee and cookies this year:)
On Christmas morning everyone was so excited. Julia was happy to see that the scooter she asked for and Buzz Lightyear were under the tree. Evan showed some shock and awe at his new IPod Touch. After presents we went over to have buffet brunch with Johns parents at their assisted living dining room. Johns brother Jim made it into town from New York which was very special. Then off to my sisters for dinner and to see some more cousins and family.
I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas with family and friends

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread House 2010

I went into a local cake store planning on only purchasing icing for my gingerbread men. While I was there they were holding a class on decorating gingerbread houses. I thought that Julia would love decorating a house with me so of course had to pick up the other supplies. Julia loved decorating the house. She kept taking the candy out of the boxes and slipping a few pieces in her mouth trying to look casual. I knew I was in trouble as her cheeks got bigger. Here is our final result

Happy Birthday John December 13 2010

Happy Birthday John.....Hugs and Kisses...Love you!!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

I can not believe that I am catching up on pics and posts since Thanksgiving....eek! I had hostessed Thanksgiving for John's side of the family this year. This was the first year I had made a turkey which did not turn out to be all that difficult. While I was bathing the turkey Julia asked me where the eyes were and the warbly thing under the The hard part was getting everything out at the same time and keeping it warm,but with my mother in laws help we worked well as a team! John did not want me to take a picture of the turkey so I only have the table pictures. We could not fit everyone in the dining room so we ended up putting the younger adults and children in the kitchen at their own table.