Friday, September 24, 2010

3 Year Pictures

Thursday I decided to take Julia to her daycare, even though it was not her scheduled day for picture day. I have taken so many pictures of Julia but wanted to get more of a professional 3 year picture like I did for Evan when he was little. I dressed Julia up in a dress that I purchased for this next years Chinese New Year! I really can not believe how much she has grown. The outfits that I purchased in China seem so small and she really has not had much of a chance to wear them. Julia is really not a shy little girl but when all of her teachers were admiring her dress she was also took a lot for her to smile for the photographer but we managed a couple of smiles.
I also wanted to acknowledge the Asian Moon Celebration on Wednesday evening. The night sky was so cloudy that you could barely make out the moon. It was a warm breezy night and felt nice sitting out on the deck. I called around to see if any of the bakeries or stores carried Moon Pies but no luck! We ended up with Little Debbie cakes and Evan crossed out the Zebra cakes and put Moon Cakes on the box...Julia did not know the difference. I do need to try harder next year...maybe get a recipe for them.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Funny Car Ride

Let my preface this post by telling you that I took Julia for her 3 yr well exam yesterday which she passed with flying colors. Julia used to scream and carry on when the doctor wanted to do anything with her and this exam she was very confident and followed direction. The doctor would tell her to do something she would say "Sure". She needed the flu/H1N1 and the Pneumonia vaccine and she cryed after the shots but then was okay. Her doctor then said, "Julia you should not argue with your mommy when she says you should go to the pottie and Julias reply was OKAY.I took her to McDonalds afterwards so she could run off steam since the weather was not so great outside.
Today I had to go to the Mall to get some price adjustments on some items and Julia was in the back seat with her favorite mouse. She said that mouse was tired and needed to take a nap on her shoulder and then started singing Take me out to the ball game which is hysterical when she sings it. Then she said that mouse had a tummy ache and should try and go to the bathroom. She said that mouse still had a tummy ache so would have to take him to the doctor. I was to pretend I was the doctor. She then said, "Mouse has a tummy ache and will need some shots" "This is going to hurt mousie but then we can go to McDonalds and play and you will feel all better" "Doctor says that you should tell Evan Mommy or Daddy when you have to go Pottie and should not argue about it" "Mousie you are going to need some pull ups"
That was the Aha moment when I knew that she has been really taking in all of what was said and done.

Labor Day Weekend 2010

For Labor Day weekend we decided to pack the kids up and head to the Wisconsin Dells for a couple of nights. We tend to like to stay at The Wilderness, which is the largest water park resort in America and is sooooooo much fun! When we arrived the weather was chilly so we took full advantage of the indoor water parks. Julia was fearless on all of the slides. She was under 48 inches so she could not go on some of the bigger slides. We took her down on a huge family tube that did not have height restrictions and we ended up going down these dark tubes at a pretty good clip. You should have seen her face....wish I could have brought a camera on some of the slides. I thought for sure she would not want to go again but she kept saying more and again and pointing to even bigger slides. The second day was warmer so got to enjoy all of the pools and slides outdoors. Julia took her naps lying on my lap for an hour by the poolside and then she was ready to go. Evan wanted to stay another few days but had to get back to reality!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Wonderful Neighbors!

We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors all around us! Our next door neighbors recently moved out and a wonderful family moved in with a 3 year old boy Evan who Julia adores! Funny thing that her brothers name happens to be Evan so we call our neighbor little Evan and big brother Big Evan. Evan recently had his 4th birthday and it was such a fun party! The kids had a great time picnicing outside and squirt gun fights/water balloons. It was a picture perfect day! Here are a few pictures from the day.