Sunday, August 16, 2009

Evan and Julia at the Park

This is a late post since Julia and Evan went to the park last week but I am finally catching up from the week. I took Julia and Evan to a local spray park that we have....was kind of disappointed when I heard they were putting up a water park and we only got a spray park instead least we can keep cool with it.

The water was pretty cold so it took a long time for Julia to warm up to the idea of getting herself real wet. She did meet another little girl who was 18 months who kept running up to her and giving her hugs and kisses.....Julia kept following her and she kept trying to grab Julia...was fun to watch!

Evan helped Julia afterwards climb and go down the slide and swing. She had a tantrum when we left so I know it was fun for her. The severity of the tantrum tells me how much she likes where we went!!!

Linden, we will miss you

Today we went over to my mother and father in laws house to have brunch and wish Linden well as she goes away to college for her first year at Winona State. Linden is Julia's godmother/my husbands niece, and a terrific role model for Julia. Linden is kind and caring and really has a lot going for her. This past summer she was a camp counselor at the Y and all the kids loved her. While she was in Spain on her high school senior trip she purchased an adorable Spanish dress for Julia. I put it on Julia for the occasion. We are all going to miss her and all wish her luck as she moves away from home into the dorms. We all purchased small inexpensive needed items for the dorms such as toothpaste, antibacterial gel, extension cords, soap.....

My mother in law made a wonderful Mexican strata and fresh fruit and my sister in law made an italian tomato salad with fresh mozarella and was a really nice day so we got to sit out on the patio!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday Evan

Happy Eleventh Birthday Evan. I spent a wonderful day with Evan and enjoyed every moment ...except for losing my keys while shopping for school supplies....luckily found them! The day started out where I woke Julia up and had to keep her quiet so Evan could sleep in. I fed her breakfast and off to daycare. She could hardly wait to go play with her friends....she loves it there! I then went for my 4 mile walk which was peaceful and Evan called me 3/4 into the walk on my cell. I of course had to sing Happy Birthday! I left a note saying Surprise No Daycare ready to spend a fun day with your mom! We started out going miniature golfing, then out to lunch and then bowling...all Evans ideas! I thought he would pick a movie but he said that he would not be able to talk to me then.....which I thought was so sweet! I have missed our one on one time together .
Evan if the most thoughtful, sensitive, caring big brother and son! We love you so very much Evan !!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Fair Pictures

Julia was hanging on during the Dragon Coaster ride
Loving the Tea Cups! Evan loved to show Julia how to spin the cup

State Fair

Julia and her new found friends!
John and Julia vs Evan

I think I like these messy cream puffs....hope you brought the wipes!

Evan feeding the Clydesdales hay

Julia had to use her hands to hoist herself up!

Today John took a day of vacation and we all went to our State Fair! We wanted to get an early start so the best we could do was arrive at 830AM .We happened to meet up with my sister and her family as well as Patricia and Mike who adopted Evy from China several years ago. Julia got to go down the Giant Slide with John...Evan actually wanted to race with them .Julia was not afraid and wanted to go again and again and again....unfortunatly would have costed a fortune! We then headed out to the pig races and met up with my mom and stepfather. Julia and Evan loved cheering on the pigs and goats and ducks who raced! The Midway had one dollar rides so Evan and Julia went on several. Evan was nice enough to take Julia on a lot of the smaller rides since she did not meet the height requirements without someone going with her. She was fearless on most of the rides....the roller coaster was a little much for her! The Clidesdale horses were my favorite!! Julia enjoyed all of the animals...esp the goats. We split some cream puffs and ended the day at 630 in the evening!
The fair tends to have a new food item each year it was deep fried Snickers, the next was deep friend pickles and then deep friend oreos....all very healthy of
One of the new food items at the fair was chocolate covered bacon! We all had to try it since it sounded so was a little much! Good thing I have my Y membership.....
Well off to bed.....I took a day of vacation tomorrow and decided that I am going to surprise Evan. His birthday is actually tomorrow and he thinks he is going to daycare.....I am actually just taking Julia to daycare tomorrow and spending the day with Evan for his birthday! I will let him decide what he would like us to do tomorrow.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Evan and Julias Birthday Celebration

Today our family got together to celebrate Evan's 11th Birthday and Julia's 2nd. I finally got my cakes frosted last night after work. It actually was a great day! Julia shouted Elmo Elmo as I was frosting her cake last night and Evan loved his guitar and amp cakes. Julia recieved a lot of really nice thoughtful gifts. She especially liked the Jack in the Box and my favorite was the Sonya Lee doll from my sister with the Little People DVD. Evan was just happy getting money and gift cards....he likes to shop for himself at his age. The kids all played in the back yard and had fun on the swings. Julia did not get her nap so had to put her down to bed early since someone was too overstimulated with all of the gifts and attention!