Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fourth of July 2011

A Special Thank You to those who have served our country and for our freedom! Happy Fourth of July!

Had a wonderful time celebrating with family and our neighbors. Had our yearly barbecue and went to the fireworks twice this year! Went to a parade on the 3rd. There were several kids around us at the parade and a lot of competition for parade candy. Julia did get tackled a few times and got frustrated so she ended up running up to the floats and insisting on candy instead of trying to catch it which was pretty funny. One lady next to me said she will have no problem at all with the competition this year.
Julia made her own teeshirt design in preschool. She got to stamp her shirt with stars and the teachers helped write Proud to Be an American on the back. It is a little big but was the smallest that they had.

Of course John and Evan had to light their share of fireworks this year as well. Julia actually liked holding the sparklers this year which was a surprise!
Hope everyone had a great Fourth!

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